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  • We are a Southern California based architectural practice providing design, engineering, entitlements, procurement and construction administration services for a variety of project types.
  • Aday Architects is committed to creating the best possible environment for the client, the user and the wider community. We work on many different kinds of buildings and in widely different contexts: cultural; education; housing; health and commercial.
  • We start with people and communities: what will work best for users and what will add real value. We like to see the direct benefits of the buildings and sustainable environments that we create.
  • Everyone in our practice share a collective responsibility for getting the best for our clients. We pride ourselves in working together in our community and the people of Glendora which is our home. We value working with our local leaders to form relationships and trust.
  • Not all our work is about designing buildings; our clients value us for our strategic thinking and environmental integration of how each project behaves in use.
  • We listen to your needs, respond creatively to your aspirations
    and collaborate with you to arrive at the best possible design.

Our partners are important and we can accomplish a lot together.



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